Standardisation of French Common-Law Vocabulary:
   - Approach and Structure (coming soon)
   - Analysis
    - Law of Trusts
  - Law of Contracts
  - Law of Torts
  - Documents dealing with both Law of Contrats & Law of Torts
  - Canadian Common Law Dictionary - Law of Property and Estates
- Law of Trust Glossary (document available in .pdf format)


Guided by the Office Francophonie, Justice in Official Languages and Legal Dualism, the initiatives related to jurilinguistic training and documentation directly support one of the primary objectives of the Department of Justice of Canada: the implementation of an increasingly relevant and accessible justice system that meets the needs of Canadians by ensuring better access to justice in both official languages.

Some of the measures implemented to attain these objectives:

  • Ceation of tools for common law in French and civil law of Quebec in English;
  • Standardization of French common law terminology;
  • Training of French-speaking common law lawyers;
  • Development of tools for efficient public legal education and information;
  • Increase the cooperation between the various stakeholders in the area of jurilinguistics.

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